Scotiabank Deposit Account Agreement

Funds usually end up in your Tangerine account or your linked external account within one to two business days following an electronic transfer request. We can`t guarantee that your money will arrive on your tangerine or your external account. You have certain rights of appeal if a charge does not match the agreement. For example, you have the right to reimburse expenses that are not authorized or that do not comply with the PAD agreement. For more information about your rights of appeal, you can contact your financial institution or visit You can request that your registered and unregistered accounts be activated for options trading by submitting the following forms: We offer you different ways to transfer money to your account: Duration and termination: Overdraft protection is granted to you on an indeterminate basis. Although we can terminate the contract without reason by communicating to you for 30 days of written notification, we can terminate the contract at any time if you are late without notice. You can cancel the overdraft function on your account at any time, but before the cancellation, you are required to pay all of your excess balances. Funds that are deposited by cheque or by designated ABM are audited and, in accordance with the Tangerine holding policy, support for funds may be collected. Currency deposits may not be accepted and returned at your expense. Tangerine Bank/Tangerine Bank agrees to act as the custodian of the person (in this tax-exempt savings account contract designated as “holder,” “you” or “you”), in accordance with the registration agreement as a tax-exempt savings account under your social security number. “Tangerine” is the operational name of Tangerine Bank/Tangerine Bank and Tangerine is the issuer of the tax-free savings account.

The Tangerine Business Savings account is a savings account with high interest rates and is supposed to be the secondary bank account for your business.