Family Law Mediation

Family Law/Child Custody/Divorce Mediation Attorneys in Boise, Idaho

What is Mediation?
Mediation is the process of resolving legal disputes with the help of a professional mediator, who acts as a neutral third party to facilitate discussion and resolution. Family law mediators help parents work through child custody arrangements, parenting time and visitation, child support, and more. Family law mediators also assist parties with division of their assets and debts in a divorce.

Why is Mediation Beneficial?

The benefits of working with a mediator include:

  • an increased willingness on the part of both parties to follow an agreed-upon arrangement;
  • parties save time and money by agreeing to terms, rather than engaging in a long, expensive, contentious court battle;
  • parties keep control over their case and the decisions that must be made about children, property, and debts.

When mediation is successful, a written agreement is prepared and submitted to the parties and/or their attorneys for approval before being finalized with the court. If mediation is unsuccessful, parties may have to have their divorce, custody, and property/debt division disputes heard and decided by a court.

What to Expect from Mediation

At Fulcher Koontz Law, we conduct family law mediation sessions to help parties reach agreements regarding their children, and the division of their assets and debts. Mediation sessions typically last 1 to 2 hours and the number of sessions can be court-ordered or determined by the parties. The session usually begins with the mediator explaining her role. She will then ask the parties about themselves, why they are seeking mediation, and what outcome they want to achieve.

Generally, Idaho attorneys do not participate in the family law mediation process. If necessary, the mediator will meet with the parties separately – a process known as a “caucus.” Sessions can also be conducted via video conference if one party does not live in the local area.

Parties may also be asked to make a list of key issues that need to be addressed. The mediator will facilitate discussions about these issues and work with the parties to reach an agreement. If parties work together to create their own parenting plan without court intervention, each can save money and time, shield their children from a stressful court battle, and reduce legal fees and the overall cost of divorce. Finally, if the parties resolve any disputes, the mediator will prepare a summary of the agreements or if the parties desire, the mediator can draft a formal written agreement acceptable for filing with the court.

Let’s Discuss the Results You Want to Achieve

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