Hitachi Agreement Number

The cost of processing and deposit are decimal fields, so only numbers and a full stop can be used,z.B. 1234.50If you re-enter the amounts with the above format, this should fix the bug. If you need help completing a new application, if you want to inquire about an existing loan agreement, or if you want to have a question about a pending application, call the team on 0343 351 9112 and choose option 2. You can contact our marketing team on 0113 380 1041 or Theresa Lindsay Group Head of Marketing under This will be sent to you on your welcome email and on all emails from us. If you don`t have this at your fingertips, you can also receive it from an account statement reservation for a debit payment. Your contract number appears as a reference. You only need the first 10 digits. A: The UK credit reference agencies have agreed that during this period of uncertainty, the reports will take place under the same status as that granted before the initiation of COVID-19. For example, if your agreement was up to date before the trigger, it would continue to be displayed as such, if it were a late payment, it would indicate 1 late payment, etc. A: If you are currently granting some kind of payment leave (deferral period) for reduced income, we will not consider a new credit application for you at this time.

Please call us to discuss the renewal of your current contract so that you remain mobile. When your leave is over and you pay off your vacation to your lender (repayment period), we will consider a new credit application for you. We will continue to consider the implementation of your agreement for the period outside of the COVID 19 outbreak and we will continue to perform our normal checks to ensure that you can easily afford the vehicle with each new application of a new vehicle. All numbers starting with 03 are calculated with the same set as the standard landline numbers. Incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded for training and monitoring purposes. Please read the agreement carefully to verify that all details are correct, then either sign the agreement electronically or sign a printed copy of the agreement in both boxes.